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Massage Therapy

Integrative Massage

Our  bodies are our most integral tool. They can be both so resilient and so  fragile at the same time. And, sometimes they need to be re-tuned in  order to find balance and restore optimal performance. Make an  appointment today to treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation through Massage Therapy in Boulder.

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Nutritional and Herbal Supplementation Consultations

​There are always better ways that we can support ourselves, sometimes we just  need a little help knowing how. Whether you have an illness you want to address or you just want to find more energy and balance in everyday life, plant medicine can help you. Make an appointment today to find out how you can better support yourself through good nutrition, herbal supplementation, and natural medicine.

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Herbal/Nutritional Consultation & Integrative Massage Package

This  all-inclusive package is for those ready to dive into better health through creating a more comprehensive understanding of how to care for  themselves by addressing both physical and nutritional imbalances. Make an appointment today to empower yourself in your own health and receive a full bodywork treatment and an herbal/nutritional consultation.

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